The Reasons Why Cricket Betting is Popular in India

This article was last updated on June 17, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Cricket is the second-most popular sport next to European football. While cricket is most popular in India, more and more countries are starting to enjoy this sport too like Australia, the West Indies, Pakistan, and other parts of Europe. Some of the most popular major cricket events are the Indian Premier League, The Ashes Series, and the ICC’s Men T20 World Cup.

With over 2.5 billion fans worldwide, it’s no wonder why it’s also a sport that many people would bet on. It also has one of the busiest sports calendars out there. You’ll likely find a cricket match to bet on at any time of the year.

Whether it’s a major or minor event, you’ll find something worth watching and this is why cricket betting in India and other parts of the world is not just thriving but is growing. 10CRIC live cricket satta rates are one of the reasons why it’s so popular but other reasons make people more interested in this activity and we’re here to let you know what they are!

Cricket is Starting to Get Out There and So is Betting

Now, even if numbers do show that cricket is the second-most followed sport worldwide, many will be quick to say that this is something they don’t feel. This is a sentiment that is understandable because cricket is still only mainly popular in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, and the UAE.

It has billions of fans because it is popular in populated places. However, it’s also starting to penetrate other countries too like the United States. The International Cricket Council aims to get the sport more popular and even eventually beat football on the top spot. This is most likely why they are also reviving cricket’s popularity in the US.

We’re saying “reviving” because there was a time that cricket was the most popular sport in the US which was in the mid-1800s. However, it lost its momentum during the civil war when many of the American soldiers were spotted playing baseball most of the time. People in the country then displayed the same interest as a patriotic act.

It also didn’t help that the US cricket team has been suspended by the ICC multiple times in the past. However, things are starting to change now that Cricket USA is finally taking the sport to another level with the Major League Cricket.

The Major League Cricket is going to be a professional T20 league that will start in 2023. The league initially planned to launch earlier since it was founded in 2019 but the pandemic happened and plans had to be moved.

It’s known that prominent identities are involved in making MLC possible like Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan and Microsoft Chairman Satya Nadella. There are also only a few details that we know about the league so far like how it will have six teams.

One of these teams will be Dallas. MLC co-founder Vijay Srinivasan said that the other teams are likely going to be from obvious major cities in New York, New Jersey, and San Francisco Bay. Another co-founder of the league spoke about the demand for cricket in the US. Sameer Mehta said, “There is a huge amount of demand from the U.S.-based audience to consume the sport in person.

“If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area on a Sunday morning, it’s mostly tennis ball cricket being played on all the grounds, as opposed to traditionally what used to be baseball or even soccer. Multitudes of fields are taken over on weekends by ex-pats playing cricket.”

Legal Cricket Betting

With cricket possibly gaining more audience in the US, cricket betting will likely continue to get more followers. After all, the US is starting to also warm up with sports betting. Today, over 30 states have legal sports betting and with that, more people in the US will be looking to bet on other sports too aside from the popular ones like American football, baseball, and basketball.

Outside the US, more countries are also starting to regulate sports betting like Canada. Back in India, online betting is not illegal and many of the cricket fans there are placing their bets offshore. If India decides to regulate betting too, then people will get more access to it.

There are places in India where any forms of online real money gaming aren’t allowed but the people seem to not mind. Eventually, some of the country’s local governments like Karnataka and Telangana might have to reconsider the ban they have on online gaming and betting. After all, these two states have the most number of punters in the country.

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