Golfer Joost Luiten hits albatross

Joost Luiten

This article was last updated on March 16, 2023

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Golfer Joost Luiten hits albatross

Golfer Joost Luiten achieved an impressive feat on the first day of the SDC Championship in South Africa by hitting an albatross for the third time in his career. This rare stroke, which puts a player three strokes below the hole average, requires two perfect shots rather than just one, making it even more difficult than a hole-in-one. Luiten explained that while a hole-in-one can be achieved by accident, hitting an albatross requires exceptional skill and precision. It is a rare feat that most golfers never achieve. Luiten had previously hit albatrosses in 2014 and 2017.

The albatross was especially fortunate for Luiten in South Africa, as he had been on track for a triple bogey just five holes earlier. On the par-5 thirteenth hole, Luiten hit the ball from a great distance with his second shot into the well, earning him a remarkable achievement in the sport.

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