Top 7 sex bummers

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Almost every couple has suffered from the occasional not-so-sexy moves which end up turning off the respective partners in bed. But what about the accidental bummers which often happen in the midst of your steamiest sex sessions? From suddenly being compelled to answering nature’s call or moaning your past lover’s name, these sex shockers are irksome distractions that do not allow you to enjoy the act of passion whole-heartedly.

These circumstantial occurrences during sex may not be very common, but these can happen to you as well. So the next time you find yourself in these embarassing situations, just take a count of the following points…

Sex with my ex
Imagine screaming your ex’s name, or your secret lover’s pet name, just when your partner is about to climax. Damn! It can’t get worse than this. “I had an arranged marriage and it was a blunder that I did on my honeymoon. I yelled my ex’s name in pleasure and my hubby was very frustrated hearing another man’s name. Believe me, we didn’t have sex for months, until I convinced him that there’s nothing between me and my ex now,” shares Deepti Shah (31), who got married last year.

Such an occurence is likely to make your partner feel estranged, besides injecting a feeling of suspicion in your love life.

Hot tip: Though fantasies are an essential part of a gratifying sex life, expressing fantasies in such unexpected ways can often put end to your relationship. “A lot of women fantasise about their idol or a past lover while having sex as it turns them on. But it’s important to remember that sex is an emotional experience too, so don’t appear to be emotionally weak and let your past lover/fantasy hover in your mind space while becoming intimate with your present beau. This causes a discord in your relationship. A combination of prayanam, gym and a job (PGJ) is the best way to keep away from a fertile imagination,” suggests Dr. Aruna Broota, clinical psychologist.

Nature’s call
This blooper is the mother of all sex bummers faced by couples. Often confused with a squirting orgasm, it is related to the pressure applied on the bladder due to sexual stimulation. A problem commonly faced by women, this often leaves the male partner feeling half pleasured. Recalls housewife Pratibha Trivedi, “I often feel like urinating half way through the act and this creates a problem for my man, besides being unhealthy.”

Hot tip: Never force yourself to reach a climax if you’re feeling like relieving yourself. “The nerves that are stimulated during an erection are quite close to those of the urinal bladder and sometimes an overlapping can result in urinating during sex. So make sure you have attended nature’s call before you gear up for the act of sex. In case there are any other organic problems, certain medications can help deal with them,” elucidates Dr. Prakash Kothari, a leading sexologist.

Oops! I farted
It may sound like a marginal interruption, but if it comes in the way of pleasure, it’s sure to marr the excitement. “It was a horrifying nightmare. I knew my wife had medical implications due to which she suffered gastritis, but it was a highly disturbing when we were sexually engaged and I stopped enjoying sex with her anymore,” recalls Ravi Mehra.

Hot tip: Make sure your digestive system is in place before you indulge in a make out session. “Avoid potatoes, pulses, peas, and bakery items that enhance gas formation (gastritis). Also, we recommend you to consume a digestive pill or opt for a brisk walk after the meal to make the food settle down completely,” recommends Dr. Kothari.
Many couples often, although unintentionally, end up scratching each other’s bodies with their sharp nails. It may be an act of pleasure for you, but your partner might not be enjoying the pain as much. “I hate girls with long nails and unfortunately my wife has the same trait, it is a misery. Every time we have sex, I am with red deep marks on my back and neck, which are at times visible. Come on, how can this be a loving gesture?” questions Yatin Chawla.

While many couples enjoy an aggressive partner, certain gestures are not really welcome. Giving love bites even before your partner is aroused, often leads to pain and discomfort and might even lessen the chances of any further action between the sheets.

Hot tip: The simplest way out of this situation is to cut properly file and manicure your nails so that they do not lead to painful scratches on your partner. Try caressing your partner’s body with your soft and well moisturised hands and palms to avoid any contact with your nails. As for biting, make sure your partner is fully excited before you bite their ear, shoulders, neck or any other body part.

Self Stimulation
“I thought only men enjoy stimulating their private parts. However, when I saw my wife doing it to herself, especially during sex, it wasn’t a good feeling at all. Every time I would try to arouse her, she would object and resort to her own way of stimulation,” says Keshav Khurana. Such gestures can irk your partner to the fullest and at the same time, distract them from the actual act.

Hot tip: Avoid touching or rubbing your organs repeatedly, let your partner have the privilege to arouse you by touching your erotic zones. “Inflammation or infection in or around the sex organ causes itching, so ensure you wash your body well before having sex. In case of any fungal infection, necessary ointments can be applied. You can also consume anti-allergic medicines a few hours before indulging in sex. This will reduce itching at that time so that you can enjoy uninterrupted pleasure,” explains Dr. Kothari.

The silent quotient
How would you feel if your partner remained quiet throughout the lovemaking act? Not a great feeling of course! “I often feel that my wife considers sex like a routine chore that doesn’t interest her whole heartedly. Neither does she appreciate any act nor does she take the initiative to tell me in case I am going wrong. I just don’t enjoy such a one sided intercourse,” shares Varun Chhabra.

Acts of holding back your moans and not uttering a word during sexual acts often imparts the impression sex being forced on the silent partner. Once your partner observes this, it’ll surely kill his/her mood.

Hot tip: Remember, your partner loves hearing you moaning, screaming and at times shouting, to know that you’re having a ‘good time’. Don’t keep numb during the act. “Communication is the utmost requirement during sex. Discuss things that you like or dislike and what ignites your passion. Women should not be cautious of their expressions or hesitate in guiding their husbands. This educates their partner further,” opines Dr. Aruna.

Napping tapping
It’s a common occurrence to see your partner falling asleep time and again while you’re in the mood to rock the boat. But such redundant naps in between sexual interactions often reroute the mood, ruining the sexual chemistry. Kanika Motwani, married for 3 years, complains, “Both of us come home tired and when it’s time for sex, my husband loves his sleep more. Forget any foreplay or after sex moments, he sometimes falls off to sleep in between the actual act. It really annoys me.”

Hot tip: It’s always a wise idea to grab a sound sleep after sex and not let it come in way of seeking pleasure. Go for a shower before you make-out to retain freshness of body and mind.

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