Alcohol and marijuana killed three teenagers in Forest Glen, N.B.

Caledonia RCMP has received preliminary information into the factors which contributed to the deaths of three teenagers involved in a collision on May 29, 2010.

An RCMP re-constructionist has examined the vehicle, road conditions and weather as part of the investigation of the collision on Route 905 in Forest Glen, N.B. Among the findings:

-The vehicle, carrying the five occupants was travelling well over the posted speed limit of 80 Km/hr. The road at the time was somewhat wet but the rain that evening began after the collision.

– An examination of the seatbelts has determined that no one in the vehicle was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. The pathologist examination further supports this based on the victims’ injuries.

– The pathologist’s exam has also determined that the three people killed, including the driver, had alcohol and marijuana in their blood system.

– An inspection of the vehicle shows it was mechanically sound and that nothing malfunctioned with the car.

"These kinds of tragedies are difficult for us to comprehend because you can look back and see how it could have been prevented," says Sgt. Marco Papillon of the Caledonia RCMP. "Not wearing a seatbelt, alcohol use, and aggressive driving continue to be leading factors in roadway fatalities in New Brunswick. When you combine all of these factors, your chances of survival are greatly diminished."

The investigation is ongoing as investigators continue to speak to possible witnesses.

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