Simon Banke charged in the death of woman in Ottawa

The 35 year-old woman seriously injured in the collision that occurred September 16, 2010 on Albert Street has succumbed to her injuries this weekend.

An upgrade to criminal charges laid against Mr. Simon BANKE, 20 years-old of Ottawa is pending. His next court appearance will be Friday September 24, 2010.

A publication ban has been ordered in this matter. No further details will be provided.

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  1. Just another fine example of how the canadian justice system
    seems to forget about the victems of crimes and coddles the criminals. Why is this man not in jail? Awaiting his trial. Is it his age can’t possibly be that he surely knew the difference between right and wrong I mean really. So whats stopping him from getting behind the wheel again. Its surely not the judge saying you can go for now but if you don’t behave I’ll spank you. someone needs to start using a little common sence here and put this man somewhere where he can’t destroy anymore lives.

    Mike L’Ecuyer

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