Christopher Martin arrested for cruelty to animals in London, Ontario

On Thursday October 7th, 2010 at approximately 1:27 AM police responded to a call at the apartments at 580 Dundas St for a report of someone beating a dog. When police arrived they could hear the sounds of a dog in distress and yelping. The occupant of the apartment opened the door for the police where police observed three dogs, all of different breads.

The dogs seemed to be cowering in fear. Animal Control attended the scene and took custody of the three dogs.

Police have arrested and charged 26 year old Christopher MARTIN of London with wilfully cause unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal.

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  1. [b]hey i was wondering if this is the same one from the 9th floor in that building because everytime i see my friend on that floor he is never cruel to animals i would really like some information because everytime i saw him with sparta that dog was always playful always had food and he is such a sweetheart to that dog it seems odd he would be charged for cruelty to animals anyone with information can you let me know if this is my friend or if i have the wrong person :([/b]

  2. Really threatening someone based upon their personal judgement is not a crime I believe guest 2 or this Lynnette you refer to was asking for information and then someone tells her to keep that comment_content to herself before someone gets hurt personally tell me this ok since when does asking for information on something that happened become so wrong????

  3. Asking for further information is trying to find out what happened and Lynnette it may be wiser to ask him yourself what happened being as guest 3 aka comment_content_IDiot is threatening you over you asking for information if in fact u never saw cruelty doesn’t mean it dcomment_IDn’t happen. However I don’t see the point in comment_content_IDiot making a threat over you simply requesting to know what happened!

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