Mountie Jim Moir injured as he saves life of 15 year old boy, BC

Yale, BC: Constable Jim Moir, age 45, saved 15-year-old Buffy-Anne Troy by picking her up and throwing her to safety as an out-of-control truck came toward them at approximately 1:30 am this morning.

Cst. Moir, with Fraser Valley Traffic Services, had been talking with the girl, after the white truck her family had been driving had slid off the road and into the ditch near Yale, BC.

When a sand truck that was descending a hill southbound lost control on icy roads, it started a series of collisions that ended with a yellow highways vehicle pinning Cst. Moir against the white truck being driven by the Troy family.

Before being struck Cst. Moir had the presence of mind to throw Buffy-Anne to safety in the ditch. She was only mildly shaken up from the experience.

“This was obviously a split second decision where the constable realized what was happening, and his first thought was to do whatever was necessary to protect this girl,” says Sgt. Peter Thiessen, spokesperson for the RCMP Lower Mainland District Regional Police Service. “He clearly put her safety ahead of his own.”

Cst. Moir has 18 years of service with the RCMP, and is currently in hospital now being treated for a crushed leg. He is expected to be off for a number of months as he recovers. He is married to another constable, a senior police officer who works out of the Surrey detachment. She is with him now in hospital.

The photo provided shows how the yellow highways vehicle was crushed against the white truck driven by the Troy family. Cst. Moir was trapped between the two vehicles.

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  1. It will be interesting to see if these heroic actions of an rcmp member get the same amount of publicity as the few bad ones when they do something wrong,for example the comment_content_IDiot in Kelowna who kicked that compliant man in the face recently.I guess my point is,yes I believe there are some bad apples in this organizeation,but overall they are good people,doing a very important job.

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