38 year old Tharold Simms charged with drug trafficking in Toronto

At beginning of February 2011, 51 Division’s Major Crime Unit officers started a drug investigation.

Police executed a search warrant at a home on Honeybee Drive in Brampton.

It is alleged that:

– police seized two ounces of cocaine, a quantity of marijuana, $90,000 in Canadian currency and $1,500 in American currency.

Tharold Simms, 38, of Brampton, has been charged with:

1) Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in Cocaine,
2) Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in Marijuana,
3) Possession Proceeds of Crime,
4) Fail to Comply with Recognizance.

He was scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall, on Thursday, February 10, 2011, room 103, at 10 a.m.

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  1. Funny story! Those same police who entered his home to “stop” crime, comited crimes themselves. They stole several items from the home, things that clearly belonged to the children, like their brand new shoes that they bought with their own hard earned money!!! (Does their job not pay enough? They cant afford to buy their own shoes?)I guess not! They also stole some of the money they found (they were so excited to see money they pocketed some – there was more than what they decleared!). His children were home when they stole from them, and ramsacked their home. “Serve and protect”, they dcomment_ID not. All they dcomment_ID was traumatize the innocent kcomment_IDs n steal from them. Because of those pigs the kcomment_IDs will never respect/trust any police. Who could blame them? I too am shocked at their crimial behaviour and will never trust any cop again! Their behaviour was so pigish. They envied the home n everything in it. The kcomment_IDs r scared n think they may return or send someone to rob the house again!

  2. My comments are the truth and therfore should be comment_approved! These police think that because they are officers of the law they can do anything they want. They need to remember that they are humans and not God and should stop abusing their “power”. The public needs to come together and lobby for police to have to record their every move when dealing with “criminal”. Their behaviour is getting from bad to worse and it really needs to stop!

  3. di dutty bomboclaath stinking nasty underprivileged johncrows. ramsacked the house..the job wasnt properly done.the kcomment_IDs were scared cuz of these assholes….im so pissed!!!!! i cried da whole night…:lol:

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