Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wants to reduce visas for parents

Today Liberal Member of Parliament Navdeep Bains reacted to Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s decision to cut family reunification visas by over 30%.

“This decision means keeping families apart for up to 13 years,” said Mr. Bains. “We should be looking at ways to bring families together the Conservatives are out of touch with what New Canadian families need”.

Mr. Kenney’s announcement comes as the Harper Government looks to cut immigration by 5% overall. To meet this target the Harper Government has decided to cut family reunification visas by 5,000, from 16,000 a year to 11,000. This 30% reduction will compound existing wait times.

“These cuts will affect Canadian families across the country and will reverse decades of immigration policies from governments of different parties.” said Mr. Bains. “We have a moral obligation to give our new citizens a fair start and I don`t see how keeping a family apart for 13 years helps anyone”.

“The Conservative Party would rather build new prisons than reunite families,” said Mr. Bains referring to the Government`s record spending prison building program. "I think it`s fair to say that their out of touch with the needs of everyday Canadians".

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  1. Congratulations for Mr. Kenney and his team for FINALLY coming to terms with some of the problems our immigration system has! My ancestors came from Europe over 100 years ago and they dcomment_IDn’t receive help of any kind from the government – unlike today’s system. I am so pleased to hear of this announcement.

  2. Isn’t bringing in people from over populated destroying are European/Canadian sovereignty? Their still European culture in north America.

  3. my immigrant family makes more than 250,000 dollars a year and we pay a heck of a lot of taxes so get your facts right. [quote name=”Dan”]Thank goodness politicians are finally putting Canadians first!

    We can’t afford to pay the healthcare costs of foreigners.[/quote]

  4. For all those NUMBNUTS talking talking trash about immigrants, this bill targets CANADIANS, not recently arrived immigrants.

    Only citizens and permanent rescomment_IDents can sponsor family.

    If you are suggesting a TWO-TIER Citizenship: i.e. that Canadian citizens who were once immigrants are not EQUAL to Canadian citizens born in this country, then you do not deserve to live here. I have a few suggestions for countries that will make a good home for YOU.

  5. Thanks for admitting that this is really about race. Bring in the immigrants for paying taxes and building the country and charge them all kinds of fees but be very civilized and welcoming during the process. Once they get here, flip a switch and blame them for every ill that befalls this country especially our inability to deal with Refugees. And make sure their families cannot come and join them. The Immigration Minister’s remarks were sickening enough but some of the reactions are even sicker. Paul If you are so concerned about protecting the Canadain European whatever it is, be prepared for a situation where Canada can only invest in EU and NEVER in India or China or any of the growing markets. Lets see how mush EU will relax their rules for Canada.

    [quote name=”Paul”]Isn’t bringing in people from over populated destroying are European/Canadian sovereignty? Their still European culture in north America.[/quote]

  6. I cannot believe all these ignorant comments about immigrants. For your information, immigrants ARE the future of this country, and the main force driving its economic growth. At a super low fertility rate, currently 1.56 children/woman, Canada would be a dying country like Japan or Russia. Canada welcomes the world’s brightest and best, and that’s why and only why the economy is still growing.

  7. Maybe some of you should educate yourself about the term “sponsorship undertaking”. The sponsor is finanically responsible for immigrant family members, not the government

  8. I commend this government for their actions. Why the need for immigrants? So a 70 year woman, who hasn’t contributed in any way to Canada, can come in and collect a pension while a Canadian may not get one? How is this right?

  9. I came to Canada 14 years ago. I pay the same tax canadian born pay. Why I should pay tax for Canadian born parents If we are not real canadain. If we are second class Canadian we must pay less tax other wise we must be able to sponsor our parents.

  10. Its the canadian born who are paying for the immmigrants not the other way around! We have a 25% unemployment rate and this lie about low fertility is a joke! Why dcomment_ID we have more jobs back in the 1980 when our population was 23 million and now we have 36 million and there are no jobs at all and companies are closing everyday here. We already have the world’s brightest, they are called canadians and have always lived here. I am one,, whose family has been here 400 years yet I am out of work yet again and had to leave my home province more than once. Its free trade that is killing us and taxes, it does not matter who u bring into this country but if we have to support one in every two families who go on welfare- we will all be in soup kitchens or house poor. Also we have to think about the kcomment_IDs in college now they wont get jobs and they will be the next generation. Canadian born should be hired first…….

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