Will the UK unions support reformed pension deal over the planned strike?

UK PM David Cameron

UK PM David CameronUnited Kingdom government has revised the pension deal for the public sector employees and convincing the unions to accept it as they call it “deal for a generation’’.

According to Prime Minister, David Cameron, the new pension reforms are introduced so that the low and middle-income public sector workers will benefit more from their pensions. He has further added that the public sector workers are being paid with much better pension than available to those working in the private sector organizations.

Unions are considering the Government’s proposals ahead of a threatened strike action planned to be held on November 30 over changes demanded for public sector pensions.

Cameron has announced that under the proposed plans, anyone within 10 years of retirement will not face changes in their pension arrangements, while accrual rates for pensions will be higher than planned.

After putting forth the new pension deal Mr. Cameron has said that he is hopeful that the opposition will not support any such planned strikes later this month.

Labour leader, Ed Miliband has encouraged the reforms made in the public sector pensions currently in order to secure the employees’ future and warned against industrial action while negotiations were still alive.

The Prime Minister was speaking ahead of a statement from Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander, who will set out the details of the Government’s offer to the unions.

Mr. Cameron has told that the reforms made are absolutely vital to keep up the public sector workers’ faith on the government. The workers should have a feeling of being dealt fairly too as these are the people responsible for managing country’s system.

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