Air India fires 10 pilots

The management of Air India has fired about ten pilots for not giving up on the protest on Tuesday. The management had warned the pilots to give up the strike and get back to work but they did not stand by the orders of the management and they finally decided to fire those pilots who are protesting.

For pilots who had sent in sick leaves to the office of Air India, medical staff has been sent by the administration to their houses to ensure that they get well quick and report if they were actually sick or not. Air India had to cancel 4 international flights after hundreds of pilots reported sick and did not join office after the Monday-Tuesday night shift. The management had asked the protesting pilots to join office immediately and those who have not, and are not genuinely sick, have seen sacked. The sacked pilots include six members of the office bearers as well.

Speaking on the event, the Minister of Civil Aviation, Ajit Singh has also commented that the strike initiated by the pilots of Air India is illegal and should not have happened. He said that although the airline is facing a tough financial crunch, they have been awarded bailout money by the government worth Rs. 30,000 crore to make sure that they continue to operate.

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