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Wednesday, August 24, 2016 01:54 PM
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Mahira Khan to be Divorced Soon?

Mahira KhanMahira KhanGossip magazines and social media flourish on rumors. It does not take much time for one gossip to make it big these days. All you need is a bit of masala and sizzle and there you go.

Latest fad is to peep through the private lives of stars to get a tip-off on their broken relationships. Mahira Khan is under such attacks these days. Various unconfirmed sources are found to be spreading the news of her divorce.

Mahira Khan is a young, beautiful and talented TV star who ascended the success ladder in no time. She is typically known for her mind-blowing role in Hamsafar as Khirad. Known for her quality work on television and silver screen, she is a resident heartthrob and understandingly under the magnifying glass these days. As per the latest humor, Mahira Khan – toeing the line of Nadia KhanFarah Hussain and Shaista Wahidi, is soon to get divorce. The rumor started after one of the online fashion portals made the gossip viral by mentioning her name with a hint of potential divorce in the ‘Divorce trends in Pakistani Media Industry’ article.

This news appears to be a typical bollywoodish gossip package, so we keep our fingers crossed that it is nothing more than a rumor.

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