Canadian Election 2011: Where is Liberal media bias?

Earlier this campaign, I referenced the McGill study, which focused on media coverage of each leader, party. Once again this campaign, compelling evidence that if anyone should be concerned about media bias, it isn’t the whiny right, but the other side of the political spectrum. I like facts, because unlike the shrieking nonsense from certain quarters, they speak to a neat thing called OBJECTIVE reality. In our lives we all strive to find a truth that exists beyond our subjective minds, facts are helpful in this regard.

As the campaign winds down, we are getting a slew of newspaper endorsements. On da twitter, David Akin posted a link to the full slate of endorsements. The current standing, Conservatives 31 endorsements, NDP 2, Liberal 0, Bloc 1. Take a look for YOURSELF and remember to laugh your ass off the next time a conbot talks about the liberal media. With this measure, you can cobble together reasons why we see such an overwhelming slant (you can also point to the NDP "surge" to say it doesn’t matter), but when you plug the statistics into other objective measures, it really does paint an overwhelming picture of incredible challenges to the notion of apolitical coverage. When the dust settles, progressives in this country need to understand and develop ways to offset a increasingly stacked media deck. When it comes to media coverage, there is clearly as stiff, unrelenting head wind to contend with.

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