Michael Bryant is dead in the water

Speculation about political revival is empty – he killed a man and no one will forget it

With a story from the Toronto Sun – Michael Bryant may have pulled off a brilliant defense of his role in the death of Darcy Allan Sheppard but he won’t get off Scott free.

Canada is not some banana republic where macho politicians brandish lethal weapons to scare the populace. We expect our leaders to be civil and use sound judgment.

When Michael Bryant panicked, according to the official version of events, he forever became the man who made the wrong decision. Even if Darcy Allan Sheppard was drunk, the lethal force that Bryant used to get rid of him was excessive. It was uncalled for and it was probably an offense under the law, although smart legal minds say not.

Let’s put it in perspective, say I am driving home with my wife, girlfriend or blond lawyer partner of same or opposite sex. Someone bangs on my car with their hand – after I ran them off their bike. I can’t kill them. If I do, I would expect to be charged with something. A great lawyer and a few hundred thousand dollars might get me a light sentence but I’m not allowed to kill people who are loud and rude. Neither are you.

We all know that there is one law for the rich and powerful and one for the rest of us. Former MP and Tory bad boy Rahim Jaffir is DUI and carrying cocaine. They let him off. The crown says its hard to win those cases.

Darcy Allan Sheppard is reported to have used cocaine and was drinking. He’s a crack addict and alcoholic. He has a troubled past. A law-and-order lawyer kills the guy in what could hardly be called an accident.

A white, upper middle class lawyer exonerates another white, upper middle class lawyer of offing some white trash, right?

And the guy was a bike courier. There you go. Aren’t they dangerous and violent people who can maim drivers in 5,000 pound cars with their 30 pound bicycles? And they look weird too with a different style of clothing and hair cuts. When they get in your way, bump them with your car. If they complain wipe them out of your life on the nearest lamp post. Don’t call 911 on your cell phone. Do society a favour and fix the problem yourself.

Is that not the message? Sorry I got confused by all the legal mumbo jumbo.

Antonella Artuso in the Toronto Sun writes that justice must be seen to be served. I think we are cynical enough by now to realize that’s not going to happen. Former Prime Minister and lawyer Brian Mulroney cheats on his income tax and gets caught influence peddling. Slap on the wrist with a wet noodle. His partner in crime is sent back to Germany to serve time for income tax evasion. Right.

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