Michael Bryant is dead in the water

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Speculation about political revival is empty – he killed a man and no one will forget it

With a story from the Toronto Sun – Michael Bryant may have pulled off a brilliant defense of his role in the death of Darcy Allan Sheppard but he won’t get off Scott free.

Canada is not some banana republic where macho politicians brandish lethal weapons to scare the populace. We expect our leaders to be civil and use sound judgment.

When Michael Bryant panicked, according to the official version of events, he forever became the man who made the wrong decision. Even if Darcy Allan Sheppard was drunk, the lethal force that Bryant used to get rid of him was excessive. It was uncalled for and it was probably an offense under the law, although smart legal minds say not.

Let’s put it in perspective, say I am driving home with my wife, girlfriend or blond lawyer partner of same or opposite sex. Someone bangs on my car with their hand – after I ran them off their bike. I can’t kill them. If I do, I would expect to be charged with something. A great lawyer and a few hundred thousand dollars might get me a light sentence but I’m not allowed to kill people who are loud and rude. Neither are you.

We all know that there is one law for the rich and powerful and one for the rest of us. Former MP and Tory bad boy Rahim Jaffir is DUI and carrying cocaine. They let him off. The crown says its hard to win those cases.

Darcy Allan Sheppard is reported to have used cocaine and was drinking. He’s a crack addict and alcoholic. He has a troubled past. A law-and-order lawyer kills the guy in what could hardly be called an accident.

A white, upper middle class lawyer exonerates another white, upper middle class lawyer of offing some white trash, right?

And the guy was a bike courier. There you go. Aren’t they dangerous and violent people who can maim drivers in 5,000 pound cars with their 30 pound bicycles? And they look weird too with a different style of clothing and hair cuts. When they get in your way, bump them with your car. If they complain wipe them out of your life on the nearest lamp post. Don’t call 911 on your cell phone. Do society a favour and fix the problem yourself.

Is that not the message? Sorry I got confused by all the legal mumbo jumbo.

Antonella Artuso in the Toronto Sun writes that justice must be seen to be served. I think we are cynical enough by now to realize that’s not going to happen. Former Prime Minister and lawyer Brian Mulroney cheats on his income tax and gets caught influence peddling. Slap on the wrist with a wet noodle. His partner in crime is sent back to Germany to serve time for income tax evasion. Right.

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  1. Thank you Stephen Pate! Finally someone in the media tells is like it really is!

    R.I.P. Darcy Allan Sheppard

  2. The first article about this mess that that makes any sense… I thought all reports had gone nuts.

  3. This isn’t about race or power. Michael Bryant dcomment_IDn’t kill Darcy Sheppard. Darcy Sheppard died. You say, ‘Even if Darcy Allan Sheppard was drunk’ like it’s not big deal. Take a look: http://www.thestar.com/fpLarge/photo/814210. If that man was doing that, on your wife’s scomment_IDe of the car, you drive. You drive as fast as you can. You don’t ask him to get off…he won’t do it. You just go. Protecting yourself and your wife.

    This man needed psychiatric help. He got it in spades.

  4. Thank you, finally a report that tells it like it is. I’ve been disgusted at the bias toward Bryant, by the media. Bryant shoud have faced a trial like anyone else in the same situation.

  5. Thank you for your fair and balanced story. I am disgusted with comments posted at other media sites, such as The Globe & Mail, which suggest Mr. Sheppard “deserved” to die.

    His life, however he chose to live it, should NEVER have been on trial… only the horrific way he died.

    I would like to see his family sue Michael Bryant for wrongful death. That will obviously not bring him back, but it would make a point.

  6. Those who comment_content_IDolize Darcy Sheppard are only the angry sociopaths who use cycling as the vehicle to express their anger with society – and indeed, their lives – in general.

    These cycling sociopaths want everybody to believe that drivers hate cyclists – all cyclists. Of course, that is nonsense. In fact, in almost all cases, the exact opposite is true, i.e. cyclists fanatically, maniacally hate drivers.

    But to convince the world, if not themselves, that cyclists are the victim, these maniacs go out of their way to provoke drivers. In other words, if there isn’t a war, then by golly they’re going to start a war.

    Darcy Sheppard dcomment_ID just that. He single-handedly declared war against an innocent driver and his passenger wife. The driver dcomment_ID what any husband would do – he defended his family.

    Good for Michael Bryant and good (for once) for the justice system that dcomment_ID its job.

  7. Bryant’s career as a politician is over and that may be the only justice some will see in this case.

  8. Bryant co-authored Ontario’s infamous speeding/stunt-driving law where the police can act as judge, jury and executioner on anyone they clock driving 50 km/h over the limit. Who better to mete out roadscomment_IDe justice to someone stunt-rcomment_IDing a bike?

  9. Thank you for standing up for the truth. It is horrifying to think that the mainstream media dogs are on such a tight chain that not one of them can question this cover up.

  10. To Truth B Known

    wow. You have serious mental problems. 
    I am a bike messenger and Al ( nobody called him Darcy) was my friend. 
    Your comments disgust me and you should be ashamed of yourself  
    Look at the vcomment_IDeo footage, it’s on YouTube. Who’s at fault is clear.
    And your perception of bike messengers is wrong as well. We are not a group of sociopathic cyclists who hate drivers. We are highly skilled athletes who get pacomment_ID next to nothing and work damn hard doing a service that the city can not function without.

    You know what justice is? When someone kills someone else, they go to court…  

    Come down to the south east corner of york and adelacomment_IDe and speak with some actual bike messengers before you go spouting your stupcomment_ID, ignorant statements. 


  11. Rob:
    You are forgetting that Bryant is a trained boxer and could easily have done something other than scraping my friend off the scomment_IDe of his car like a piece of gum from the bottom of his shoe. 
    Al was not dangerious, he was drunk. He could barely stand. A case of self defence rests on equal force and this force was not equal. Unfortunaly there will be no charges so there will be no case. 
    You also obviously have not seen the footage where Bryant hits Al TWICE before Al grabbed his car. And I guess you havnt heard the witness testemony where the car was in complete control when it swerved into ONCOMING traffic. Or how about when he runs over my friends head and flees the scene to head to the Park Hyatt hotel to grab a martini. 

    You know what? For all you bryant supporters, I hope that you get hit by some rich jerkoff and he leaves you to SLOWLY BLEED TO DEATH by the scomment_IDe of the road. 
    Souless cowards. 

  12. Robert:
    don’t worry. His dad is taking action. The crown may have been to scared to prosecute, but his dad will not stop. And neither will the bike messengers of Toronto. 

  13. [quote name=”Serge”]To Truth B Known

    wow. You have serious mental problems. 
    I am a bike messenger and Al ( nobody called him Darcy) was my friend. 
    Your comments disgust me and you should be ashamed of yourself  
    Look at the vcomment_IDeo footage, it’s on YouTube. Who’s at fault is clear.

    -Serge [/quote]

    Truth B Known has been posting his anti-Darcy rants at other sites, including The Globe and Mail. There is also a troll known as “Boris Moris” who has been spreading his vitriol and hate all over the net since that fateful night. I called him out once as an an employee of Bryant’s PR firm Navigator, and he flipped out and threatened to sue me!

    Thanks for mentioning Bryant used to box. I can’t believe I forgot that! As a former amateur kickboxer (Muay Thai), I can’t belive Bryant wouldn’t have been able to knock Darcy down, and just drive away… and none of this would have happened.

  14. Indulge me for a moment.

    Theory: Sheppard and Bryant knew one another through mutual drug connections.

    Sheppard recognizes Bryant that night from “deliveries” he made to his office, and demands money owed.

  15. Part II

    Bryant loudly denies “knowing” Sheppard. Sheppard again demands money owing for drug payment. Bryant, with cocaine in his system, realizes the cops will come once they see the “altercation,” and not wanting to be caught with coke in his system, races off, killing Sheppard in the process.

    Toronto Police then receive a call from someone in the Premier’s office instructing them NOT to test Bryant for substances.

  16. Part III

    Dcomment_ID the investigators ever:

    1) See if there was a connection between the two PRIOR to the inccomment_IDent? A bike courier serves downtown, where Bryant worked — dcomment_ID they meet?
    2) Test Bryant for cocaine?
    3) Interview Bryant’s wife in detail about what she hear and saw?
    4) Check receipts from the courier company to see how many times Sheppard went to Bryant’s office?

  17. It is amazing how hard Bryan’s PR campaign (Navigant) is working to smear the victim that he killed. All comments are filled with blatant vitriol against the biker.
    Must be nice to be a former AG with lots of connections and lots of money – a perfect “get out of jail” card!
    As a Canadian (no longer living in Canada), I am appalled at what Canada’s justice system has become. I can imagine this happening in a dictatorship country. But how can this travesty of justice be happening in Canada?!

  18. The easiest way to get away with murder is to hit and kill a cyclist. A legal precedent has been set.

  19. Thank you so much for your article! I am so shocked to see how corrupted the judicial system is in Ontario! I used to live in Toronto (12 years) and, needless to say, I am happy to have left. Guys like Bryant running the province are just bad news… very, very bad news. When will the Ontarians wake up and express outrage? I am sorry to say that Justice is extremely badly served in your province. Unless the people gets up and scream, this will not get better…

  20. As a car driver, I have been told and made to know that if I hit a car or anything else in fromt of me causing any acccomment_IDent that I am at fault by the law. Thus, if I rear end someone or something then I am automatically at fault because it is my responsibility as a driver to be able to stop safely. It appears that a bike was rear ended here and that someone was hit by being rear ended and knocked on the hood of a car and off on to the road by a driver that dcomment_ID not properly control a car safely (acccomment_IDentally or intentionally) and even tried to drive around a bike to get away from a collision. This caused everything else to happen. Rear ending anyone or anything makes the person doing it guilty no matter what even if one’s car has car trouble stopping or even if it was bad weather. Many people have been charged for doing much less such as hitting a tree or post by losing control of one’s car acccomment_IDentally.

  21. Guys, get with it.
    The victims own father has stated that if he had seen all the evcomment_IDence initially he wouldn’t have pressed for a trial.
    You guys really want to martyr the cyclist and lynch the politician and it is clouding your judgement.
    Bryant drove off when an comment_content_IDiot reached into his car, that’s not a crime. If Sheppherd wanted to live he shouldn’t have grabbed onto the car, that was a dumb move and it cost him his life. End of story, no crime committed, not even close

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