Rahim Jaffer and Patrick Glemaud pals with discredited huckster John Mofgord

In a follow-up to my previos post, I wanted to look into one of the other firms that Rahim Jaffer and Patrick Glemaud promoted to Brian Jean, parliamentary secretary to John Baird. This is one is called Renewable Energy Group Inc., and is led by one John Mogford. Stick around — I’m almost certain this story will make you laugh.

Okay, so there wasn’t much press about this particular company in all the stories related to the antics of Mr. Jaffer and Mr. Glemaud. But I’ve taken these citations from a Toronto Star article that mainly dealt with the solar project I discussed in my earlier post:

The proposals [put forward by Mr. Jaffer and Mr. Glemaud] sought federal money from the $1-billion Green Infrastructure Fund for three alternative energy projects – a 10-megawatt solar power generating facility, panels on highways and bridges and an environmentally friendly waste disposal solution – that were ultimately rejected.

John Mogford, president of Renewable Energy Group Inc. of Stoney Creek, Ont. – the company behind the $80-million idea to put panels on the highway – said the company “never paid (Green Power Generation) a single penny” but remains partners with Jaffer and Glémaud in searching for business opportunities in the private sector in Canada, the U.S. and overseas.

Mogford could not explain the role that Green Power Generation had in the partnership beyond having submitted its “Dragon Power Station” project for federal funding.
“You don’t necessarily iron out any details,” said Mogford, who says he met Jaffer and Glémaud through unnamed business associates. “You’re feeling the water out and you’re establishing relationships and how they can fit and what value each group can bring to the table and then working like that.”
Now, the first thing you might be asking is: what the heck is a "Dragon Power Station"? Here to help us with that is an article from the Hamilton Spectator from December of 2008:

Local partners roll out kinetic energy plan Truck momentum used to produce electricity

December 16, 2008

Eric McGuinness

(Dec 16, 2008)

Two Hamilton-Niagara businessmen hope to produce electricity and profits by harnessing the power of trucks crossing the Peace Bridge at Fort Erie.
John Mogford of Stoney Creek, who owns a company making a device that reduces engine emissions, and Grimsby financial planner Gerry Augustine have obtained rights to the patented Dragon Power Station.
With the station, trucks drive over a series of plates in the road, generating power that can be used on site or sold to the grid. Potential installations include border bridges, truck stops and weigh stations.
The California company that invented the system has had one running at the Port of Oakland since 2005 and another is being installed at the Otay Mesa crossing between the United States and Mexico, used by 1.4 million trucks a year.

That California company is named Alternative Energy Sources Technology Inc. You can visit their website here.

The Dragon Power Station was invented by one Terry Kenney. You can do a search on him if you want – you can even find his patent here, if you’d like. But there’s really not much to be found about this guy — no newspaper articles of much merit, no big stories about him raking in the profits with this invention, or anything like that. In fact it was the lack of evidence that this invention worked that was one of the reasons why Infrastructure Canada rejected Mr. Jaffer and Mr. Glemaud’s proposal, as you can see below (you can view the proposal – and the other two put forward by these men – at the Globe & Mail here):

Check out Dragon Power Stations Analysis

Okay, now here comes the funny part. If you have a look at the Spectator article above, you’ll note that it states that Mr. Mogford "owns a company making a device that reduces engine emissions". Wait, what?

Well, you can view a profile of Mr. Mogford here. Here is a screen capture:

As you can see from the photo, this is clearly the same Mr. Mogford that we’re talking about. You can even see the reference to Renewable Energy Group Inc. at the bottom of the page.

But note also that Mr. Mogford lists his official website as http://www.tadgergroup.com. So let’s go there:

Once you go to this site, you get hit right away with an audio file in which Mr. Mogford delivers a speech promoting a product named the "Tadger". Supposedly invented by a Native American, this device apparently is apparently able "manipulate fuel structure to enhance combustion" in vehicles. You can read all sorts of technical information about the product via the menu on the left.

Now, when I first started listening to this audio file, I was hit with a sense of déjà vu. Where had I head about this Tadger product before? I thought about it for a while. And then it finally hit me: the Tadger was featured on CBC’s Marketplace, which proved more or less unequivocally that the thing was a scam.

I’ve uploaded the Maketplace video to YouTube so I could embed it here for everyone to watch. 

Good for some laughs, for sure. And given all this, it’s pretty difficult to envision the Dragon Power Station as the breakthrough product it claims to be.

More seriously, however, is the fact that Mr. Jaffer and Mr. Glemaud are still linked to this character. As the Star article noted, Mr. Mogford "remains partners with Jaffer and Glémaud in searching for business opportunities in the private sector in Canada, the U.S. and overseas."

There’s a troubling pattern with regards to Mr. Jaffer and Mr. Glemaud and their associations in the green tech business. We can take this rather small-time story and put it up against their ties with Rick MacPherson and his defunct shell company RLP Energy Inc.. And, if we believe the allegations of Mr. Snowdy, there are also ties between the two and Glenn Collick, via Nazim Gilani. And of course there is the Canadian Solar Inc. story I discussed in my previous post.

Remember that Mr. Glemaud was deeply involved in environmental issues – and particularly the design and operation of governmental environmental funding programs – during his tenure with the Department of Justice (which included a lot of time the Department of Natural Resources). It is rather disturbing to look at the sort of company he keeps, given the power he once had.

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