Philips Dreamstation 2: Safe Usage Assurance


This article was last updated on November 29, 2023

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Philips: Device for Apnea Patients is Safe When Used Properly

Assures Safety of Dreamstation 2

Apnea patients can use the Dreamstation 2 without any danger as long as users follow the device’s safety instructions. Philips announced this in response to a warning from the American regulator FDA. If used incorrectly, the device’s humidifier could become too hot.

Reports of Strange Smell and Overheating

A few hundred Americans with sleep apnea have complained about a strange smell with Philips’ Dreamstation 2 Sleep Therapy over the past three months. The American regulator FDA received approximately 270 reports during this period.

Dreamstation is intended for apnea patients to prevent breathing from stopping while sleeping. According to the medical device manufacturer, the reports are about the device overheating.

Philips’ Response and Safety Measures

In a statement by email, Philips says that the device can be used as normal, provided that the safety instructions are followed properly. Previously, another apnea device, the Dreamstation 1, was recalled by Philips. Patients have suffered health problems from inhaling loose foam particles.

Ensuring Safe Usage

Philips reassures users that the Dreamstation 2 is safe when used as directed, and they are committed to addressing any concerns promptly. Patients using the device are advised to familiarize themselves with the safety instructions.

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