Increased Risk of Terrorist Attack in Germany

terrorist attack

This article was last updated on November 29, 2023

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Chance of attack in Germany ‘significantly increased’ due to Gaza conflict

The chance of a terrorist attack in Germany has increased significantly due to the war between Israel and Hamas. Jihadists have issued calls for attacks, according to German domestic intelligence. There is a real danger that Al Qaeda or IS will take action.

Risk Analysis by German Domestic Intelligence

In Germany, the risk of possible terrorist attacks against Jewish and Israeli individuals and institutions has increased significantly, the German Domestic Intelligence Service (BfV) notes in a threat analysis. The chance of “attacks on the West in general” is also much greater due to the conflict in Gaza.

“The risk is greater than it has been in a long time,” said BfV chairman Thomas Haldenwang. According to him, the risk of attacks by loners has also increased.

Spread of Anti-Semitic Clichés

According to the BfV, it is striking that Palestinians and Muslims in general are more often depicted as “victims of the West”. Moreover, clearly anti-Semitic clichés would be spread more often.

At the same time, supporters of Hamas and Hezbollah have hardly made themselves heard in Germany, the service notes. This could be partly because involvement in those groups is punishable.

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations in Germany

Since the war between Israel and Hamas flared up again, several pro-Palestinian demonstrations have been stopped or banned by German police.

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