Toronto TSX Stock Trading Technical Alerts for November 26, 2010

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Toronto TSX Stock Trading Technical Alerts for November 26, 2010  

Alert Criteria: Stocks (TSX); Classic Patterns; Any Opportunity Type (Bullish, Bearish or Other).
SymbolExchangeNameEventClose at EventTarget Price RangeOpportunity Type
ANS.TOTSXAinsworth Lumber Co LtdBottom Triangle$2.58$3.03 – $3.13Intermediate-Term Bullish
ATH.TOTSXAthabasca Oil Sands CorpDouble Bottom$12.55$14.60 – $15.10Long-Term Bullish
BWC.TOTSXBridgewater Systems CorpContinuation Diamond (Bearish)$7.20$5.00 – $5.40Intermediate-Term Bearish
CEF.A.TOTSXCentral Fund of Canada LtdFlag (Bearish)$19.37$17.70 – $18.00Short-Term Bearish
COA.TOTSXCoastal Contacts IncHead and Shoulders Top$1.46$1.24 – $1.28Intermediate-Term Bearish
CTA.TOTSXCrocotta Energy IncContinuation Wedge (Bearish)$1.78$1.36 – $1.44Intermediate-Term Bearish
DCI.UN.TOTSXDirectCash Income FundAscending Continuation Triangle$21.60$22.50 – $22.70Short-Term Bullish
DEE.TOTSXDelphi Energy CorpBottom Triangle$2.32$2.61 – $2.67Intermediate-Term Bullish
DHX.TOTSXDHX Media LtdHead and Shoulders Top$1.02$0.73 – $0.79Intermediate-Term Bearish
EXE.UN.TOTSXExtendicare Real Estate Investment TrustContinuation Wedge (Bullish)$9.43$11.20 – $11.60Intermediate-Term Bullish
GAS.TOTSXClaymore Natural Gas Commodity ETFDouble Bottom$2.86$3.17 – $3.23Intermediate-Term Bullish
GO.TOTSXGalleon Energy IncBottom Triangle$4.28$4.55 – $4.65Intermediate-Term Bullish
HW.TOTSXHarry Winston Diamond CorpContinuation Diamond (Bullish)$13.07$17.00 – $18.00Long-Term Bullish
JDU.TOTSXJDS Uniphase Canada LtdSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish)$12.00$9.90 – $10.30Intermediate-Term Bearish
PRQ.TOTSXProgress Energy Resources CorpContinuation Wedge (Bearish)$11.89$9.70 – $10.10Intermediate-Term Bearish
QMI.TOTSXQueenston Mining IncPennant (Bearish)$5.80$4.50 – $4.80Short-Term Bearish
RY.TOTSXRoyal Bank of CanadaSymmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish)$55.29$59.20 – $60.10Intermediate-Term Bullish
TXT.UN.TOTSXTop 10 Split TrustBottom Triangle$3.39$4.50 – $4.70Intermediate-Term Bullish
TXT.UN.TOTSXTop 10 Split TrustDiamond Bottom$3.39$3.78 – $3.88Intermediate-Term Bullish

(W) denotes a weekly event.
(M) denotes a monthly event.
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