Tom Ford Hates Women

The immaculately attired designer is beloved by many female fans, but Tom Ford’s new film Nocturnal Animals is dead proof that he privately despises women. Tom has no problem being accused of OBJECTIFYING women (remember he posed fully dressed on the cover of Vanity Fair with two naked actresses half his age.) But after seeing his film, we insist that “objectify” is not a strong enough word – he HATES women! It’s sometimes a decent movie, BUT it opens with two mature, morbidly OBESE stark naked women in garish makeup DANCING and rolling on the ground flapping their rolls of fat in all directions. No men, just women.

That sets the inexplicable mood and theme of the movie: Tom theorizes that -like it or not – all women eventually turn into their mothers and hurt the sensitive men around them! Tom is fond of bragging that he can identify with women because he’s gay, but he couldn’t be more off-base. His contempt for women burns up the screen in this movie and it’s a shame he’s so oblivious because he is a talented filmmaker.

(Above, Tom and the film’s excellent star Amy Adams)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Source: Janet Charlton original article at TOM FORD HATES WOMEN

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  1. After watching Nocturnal Animals I had to do a search for, Tom Ford hates women, because that’s exactly what I thought when it was over. Well this poor guy must of had the worst mother in history. And what great power she still has over him to reduce him to pettiness in a film.

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