Can Tarek And Christina Continue To Flip Houses With A Flop Marriage?

Tarek and Christina El Moussa’sFlip Or Flop” is a big success on HGTV but they’ve been hiding a secret: their “happy” marriage dissolved six months ago. Before the truth could leak out, they chose to confess to People magazine. Awhile back there was major drama when an eagle-eyed viewer advised Tarek to have a lump in his neck checked out. It turned out to be cancer and he was successfully treated. Six months ago police were called to their house because Tarek left the house with a gun and Christina feared he might be suicidal. He wasn’t, but that’s when they decided to separate. Christina admits she’s already dating someone in the “design business” so that MIGHT have something to do with the split. They both want to keep their show at HGTV and we’re guessing the ratings might go UP with people tuning in to see how they relate. So it’s not the end of the world, but sad for their young children.
Photo: HGTV

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