Blac Chyna Posting About A Student Loan Forgiveness Scam?

It’s difficult to trust Blac Chyna’s social media presence after the seemingly orchestrated breakup that occurred this weekend. So, when the social media star began posting about a student loan forgiveness, the action seemed a little suspect. And it is. As Buzzfeed reports, the advertisement Chyna shared is a scam.

“Get rid of your student loans now!! Before it’s too late and Obama is out of office,” the caption reads. Chyna encourages her followers to call a number and — hurry! — get rid of those pesky loans.

Both posts, which have since been taken down, provide the number for The Student Relief Center. This place isn’t going to help with your student loans. The Student Relief Center would like to make money off of indebted students. And, seemingly, it’s using Blac Chyna as an advertiser.

So, why is Blac Chyna posting about a scam? A CEO of a celebrity lifestyle marketing company told Buzzfeed that for the post, Blac Chyna could have made up to $35,000. Chyna removed the posts, though, which makes it seem as if she’s embarrassed to have shared them at all.

Oh, Blac Chyna, you continue to be a puzzle. Below, find a screenshot of one of Chyna’s posts.


Photo: via @blacchyna/Instagram.

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