The Richard Simmons Mystery May Become A Tv Series

We can’t help being fascinated by the podcast Missing Richard Simmons and the possibility, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that it might become a TV series. Is he at home CRINGING or chortling in delight at this news? Becoming a hermit has brought him almost as much attention as his high profile life as an exercise weight-loss guru and inspirational speaker. We remember in the early 90’s boarding the same plane to New York as Richard. One look and he exploded with excitement, loudly announcing up and down the aisle that the gossip reporter from Star magazine was on the flight! It was a little embarrassing, but fun. You had to love him. We’re not buying that Richard “retired” in 2014, simply abandoning his Slimmons studio. We ended up with the same knee problems that Richard has had- possibly due to excessive aerobics. We don’t think he’s having a sex change like the National Enquirer stated. But he went from EXTREME extrovert to introvert – and that’s not normal. Is he wallowing in self-pity? This weeks hospitalization for gastrointestional problems makes us think of drugs. Painkillers. We hope we are wrong, but will continue to keep whatever tabs we can upon Richard.
(Above, Richard’s Hollywood Hills home)

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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