Toxic Masculinity Ruined The Dragon Tattoo Girl

If this is Sweden’s idea of Goth, we want nothing to do with it. The Girl in the Spider’s Web is a movie ostensibly about women (most of them horrible people) produced, written and directed entirely BY men FOR men and it is just as absurd as you would expect. All the female characters think and behave exactly like men. There is a sorry lack of plot and instead, an abundance of the mindless car chases and explosions that men love so much. The intelligent and mysterious tech genius Lisbeth Salander character has been reduced to a violent superhero. One interesting note: Lisbeth ’s girlfriend is played by transgender model Andreja Pejic. The rest of the film is dark and dismal, with diminutive Lisbeth (played by Claire Foy) trouncing groups of large men by using weapons and violence instead of her brain power. Previous Dragon Tattoo movies relied on Lisbeth OUTSMARTING men, not decimating them. You will walk out of this movie feeling dreary and depressed.

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