Arsenio Hall Parlayed Celebrity Apprentice Into A Showbiz Comeback

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This article was last updated on May 21, 2022

We were happy to see Arsenio Hall turn out to be the winner on Celebrity Apprentice. Happily, neither of the smart but mean spirited women, Lisa Lampanelli or Aubrey O’Day, came out on top. When his talk show went off the air in the mid 90’s, Arsenio disappeared. During his heyday, he palled around withEddie Murphy and they ruled the club scene and made funny movies. When that ended Arsenio dropped out of sight and we’re betting he felt forgotten by his showbiz friends. So it was nice to see him resurface on Celebrity Apprentice and use it as a way to get back in the spotlight. It worked. He’s got several offers for another talk show and seems thrilled with it all.

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