Nicole Kidman: Her Movie “the Paperboy” Is Debatable, Her Marriage Is Not….

Nicole Kidman married the right man this time around. She arrived at the Cannes premier of her steamy Southern noir film “The Paperboy” with hubby Keith Urbansweetly carrying her handbag for her. Tom Cruise didn’t do that – he had a Scientologist do the carrying. Unfortunately, much of the stuffy audience at Cannes laughed at the wrong times during Nicole’s movie. It’s had mixed reviews to say the least – the movie was described as “so bad it’s good,” and “queasily funny” (especially the scene where Nicole’s character pees on Zac Efron’scharacter after he’s bitten by a jelly fish.) although some observers really liked it. Everyone who saw it agreed the actor’s performances were exceptional.
Photo: Reuters

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