John Edwards: Most Hated Person In America

Humiliation is not enough for onetime Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards – frankly we wish he had been found GUILTY of using campaign funds to support his affair with mistress Rielle Hunter while his wife was dying of cancer. (And don’t forget his $1250.00 haircuts) At least we have The Enquirer to thank for the entire expose and hopefully the end of Edwards’ political career. The New York Post has come up with a list of The 10 Most Hated People in America and we think it’s pretty accurate. It’s interesting how they combine criminals and celebrities! Jesse James will be relieved that he fell off the list.

1 John Edwards
2 Bernie Madoff
3 Casey Anthony
4 O.J. Simpson
5 Mel Gibson
6 Jerry Sandusky
7 Kim Kardashian
8 Michael Moore
9 Tiger Woods
10 Paris Hilton

What’s YOUR opinion? Have they forgotten anyone?

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