How We Ended Up With Art Linkletter’s Mickey Mouse Ears

Art Linkletter’s widow Lois died recently, and last weekend we went to the Linkletter estate sale in Bel Air. We were very excited to see the amazing mid-century modern house the family lived in and ended up purchasing a few mementos. Art had a pair of Mickey Mouse ears in a glass case in his office that we pounced upon. (Only $5.00!) The estate manager said that Art probably got the ears from his good friend Walt Disney and that Art hosted all the opening events at the Disney theme parks. We found this great old photo from 1959 of the opening of the Monorail featuring Walt, Vice President Nixon and family, and Art in the bubble. Tomorrowland was our favorite place – that’s where we saw the 1960’sHouse of the Future that sparked our dream of owning such a house someday, and yes, we made it happen.

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