Note To Lindsay Lohan: Elizabeth Taylor Didn’t Wear Hair Extensions!

Much fuss has been made about the rumor that Lindsay Lohan is such a devoted actress that she has supposedly cut and dyed her hair to look like Elizabeth Taylor in “Liz and Dick.” Far from it. Yes, she was photographed in a chin length bob done up as Liz (top photo.) But after that photo was released she was out on the town clubbing with her usual long hair – darker, but still long. In yesterday’s swimsuit pic in character as Liz, her hair is longer than Liz’s ever was in her life! Has Lindsay convinced producers to let her retain her own long hair instead of wearing it short like Liz really did? Lohan probably didn’t think Liz’s super short hair was sexy or flattering. We wouldn’t be surprised if producers let her have her way- the heck with accuracy. (It looks like Lindsay is wearing a vintage Catalinaswimsuit.)

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