Lindsay Lohan Attempts To Lie Her Way Out Of Yet Another Situation

We must admit we dislike liars. We have an aversion to sources who don’t tell the whole truth, and even other gossip sites that deliberately misinform. So naturally we have little sympathy for habitual liars like Lindsay Lohan. Can she NEVER take responsibility for her actions? In this recent accident where her Porsche crashed into the back of a truck, she insisted the truck cut her off and it was HIS fault. The truck driver pointed out that he was totally in his lane when she struck him. (Other sources said Lindsay was driving VERY fast.) He went on to say that after the accident the Porsche driver (Lindsay) was hustled into an Escalade following her (driven by Lifetime people,) along with a mysterious “package.” He didn’t know who she was when her people offered him money to shut him up. He turned them down, having called 911. Now Lindsay is claiming that her BRAKES FAILED. On top of it she had her publicist try to make her look like a hero by announcing that Lindsay “insisted” on returning to work – even with her “cuts and bruises.” As a human being, Lindsay doesn’t have much to offer…

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