Love Triangle: Rihanna, Chris Brown, And His Girlfriend

One person we wouldn’t want to change places with is Chris Brown’s current girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The Vietnamese model has been with Brown for almost a year and he’s been accused of cheating behind her back with Rihanna the whole time. Apparently Tran is determined to hold onto her boyfriend no matter what. But the love triangle has taken an ominous turn since Rihanna started stalking Chris. She and her entourage mysteriously turn up in the same restaurants and clubs when Chris is there and sit at another table with a clear view of each other. Chris and Rihanna exchange meaningful glances from a distance and probably texts – Tran must be very uncomfortable. Besides following Chris, Rihanna is also stalking him via Twitter.Chris enjoys every minute of it. If Tran visited this website she would know that Chris and Rihanna are DOOMED to get back together eventually and she is just being USED in this cat and mouse game.

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