Adam Carolla Thinks Tom Cruise Is “battling To Be Normal”

We happen to think that Adam Carolla is one of those guys who is smarter than he looks. And he’s pretty good at sizing up other people. When Howard Sterntook his morning radio show to Sirius, Adam took over the time slot in Los Angeles and were WE surprised when we learned to like him and didn’t miss Howard at all! His new book “Not Taco Bell Material” deals with his life and experiences in Hollywood. One day Adam was at his friend Jimmy Kimmel’s house and Tom Cruise came over to watch football. Adam said “He brought cupcakes and his mom. He came across as a guy who’s battling to be normal, like he’s from another planet, and he’s studying guys and saying ‘What would a guy do in this situation?’ Then he mimics the behavior of the American male in front of other American males. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, but he comes across as uncomfortable in his own skin.”

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  1. I think Cruise is creepy but Carolla is creepier. At least Cruise is successful in his chosen profession, Corolla is about as funny as roadkill. Corolla is trying to cling to a dying career with each personal attack on other indivcomment_IDuals & groups in a last gasp attempt for attention. I agree that Cruise’s life has been a bad act, but he has more going for him than a has-been-who-never-was like Carolla who is shameless in insulting others for personal attention. No one can really comment_content_IDentify what or who Carolla is other than a pathetic aging “comedian” who was never funny. He reminds me of Sarah Palin, just keep being nasty and you will get media coverage, because you certainly can’t do it with your teeny weeny talent, or complete lack thereof. .

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