Shame On You, Matt Lauer, For Not Defending Ann Curry

We are SO tired of hearing about how Ann Curry is being forced out of NBC’sToday Show because she and Matt Lauer “lack chemistry.” Actually Matt is concerned that ratings have gone down and rival Good Morning America actually beat them for a few days. Matt had to blame SOMEONE didn’t he? We suggest he take a close look at his lame producers who orchestrate absurdly unhealthy cooking segments on the show- loaded with fat and sugar and salt. These are followed by weight loss exercise segments and alarming obesity health warning segments. How do these anchors keep a straight face? While Matt Lauer has a questionable private life, Ann Curry comes across as decent, honest and very likeable. She’s unpretentious and gorgeous without having the hard edge of a beauty contestant. She’s the reason we put up with those inane cooking and cheezy fashion segments on the show. Ann has suffered brutal criticism for no reason and Matt should have addressed the issue like a gentleman and defended her. This whole episode is disgraceful. She’s a scapegoat and we predict Ann will go on to bigger and better things than Matt Lauer. TEAM CURRY all the way!

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