Why Victoria Principal’s Possible Return To “dallas” Is Fraught With Peril

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This article was last updated on May 21, 2022

Victoria Principal, 62, has good reason to be nervous about returning to television after a long absence. Her skin care line Principal Secret keeps her busy and she doesn’t need the money. But producers of the new Dallas show on TNT are bending over backwards to lure her back – even for just a few appearances. The audience is begging for her to return. She’s tempted, but through the years she’s had considerable cosmetic surgery and looks a bit different. (Actually a lot like LaToya Jackson, if you get our drift.) This means she will once again be a prime target for her arch-enemy Joan Rivers on Fashion Police. Their feud started in the 80’s when Joan accused Victoria of lying during an interview – Victoria shaved five years off her age and denied being engaged to Andy Gibb. Later Joan “accidentally’ revealed Victoria’s home phone number on TV and Victoria sued her for three million dollars. If Dallas viewers get their wish and Pam Ewing returns, Joan will be THRILLED.

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