Dylan Mcdermott’s Tragic Childhood: His Mother Was Murdered

“Practice” attorney Dylan McDermott always seemed like a good looking guy who grew up pampered with money. It turns out his youth was not as idyllic as one might assume. His Italian mother was fifteen when he was born in Connecticut in 1961 and his Irish father was seventeen. Six years later they were divorced and Dylan, his mother, and sister were living with grandparents. In 1967 his mother was shot dead and her death was originally ruled an accident. The kids were raised by grandparents, but Dylan recently contacted police to get details about his mother’s death. They re-examined the investigation and determined that his mother had been killed by her gangster boyfriend. In 1972 the boyfriend’s body was found in the trunk of a car in a supermarket parking lot. Case closed. (Above, Dylan maintains his good looks by snacking on orange juice and a banana on the set of“Dogfight.”)

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