Miss Jackson Will Never Be The Same

Even more puzzling than LaToya Jackson’s absence from the Jackson turmoil of the past weeks is the sudden emergence of Janet Jackson as a villain. She has always had a prickly relationship with her family and was regarded as the soft-spoken successful one who was above the Jackson family antics. But all that changed when we saw her confrontation and verbal exchange with Paris Jacksonon video. A family member has confided to Stacy Brown at the NY Post that It’s all about the money. Janet’s career isn’t flourishing – she has money going out and nothing new coming in. And she DOESN’T want to get stuck supporting eight siblings and their families– something the estate could easily do. THAT’S why she got involved in Randy’s plan to gain control of Michael’s money. Michael had warned his kids to watch out for “certain people” and one of them was Janet – he considered her evil, selfish and cheap, according to the source. So far, Janet’s attempt to help her brothers become financially solvent has backfired and now her reputation has lost its luster.

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