Randy Bick Is No Longer Kathy Griffin’s Mystery Boyfriend

Kathy Griffin’s relationship with her seventeen years younger boyfriendRandy Bick just moved up to the next level. The pair have been dating for around six months and they started out with a few dinner dates inHollywood. That led to a vacation together in Miami and frolicking on the beach. Now that they’re firmly entrenched in each other’s lives, Kathy brought her non show biz boyfriend along for the ride when she went to New York to promote her Emmy nomination for her comedy special “Tired >Hooker.” Her packed schedule started with GMA and the interviewpacked day ended with David Letterman. Randy was patient and helpful throughout, and he didn’t fail to open doors for Kathy. She looks good, but that’s quite a faceful of makeup she’s wearing…

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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