Katie Holmes Doesn’t Mind Giving Up Her Posh Lifestyle For Glorious Freedom

The extent to which Katie Holmes was DESPERATE to get a divorce is apparent in the numbers. Without a second thought about Tom Cruise’s 250 million dollar fortune, Katie gave up her “private jet” lifestyle to save her daughter and herself from the clutches of Scientology. Katie simply accepted whatever Tom was willing to pay to support their daughter Suri and she got no cash payout OR spousal support. All she asked for was control over her daughter’s education. This is a woman who was not into her marriage for the money. By the time Suri turns 18, Tom will have spent around $400,000 for support plus medical and dental, etc. for Suri. Katie walked away with nothing for herself. Ant Tom is pretending everything’s just fine because that’s what Scientology tells him to do.

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