What John Travolta And Liberace Have In Common

Lookswise, John Travolta and the late entertainer Liberace are quite opposite – with Liberace being over-the-top flamboyant, while John is generally rather unremarkable and conservative. But they both enjoyed very successful careers occasionally marred by gay accusations. Despite his absurd appearance, Liberace was outraged at the slightest hint that he was gay and sued any newspapers and magazines that implied he was. He settled a huge suit with Confidential magazine that featured a story “Why Liberace’s Theme Song Should Be “Mad About The Boy” – it detailed Liberace’s passionate passes at a young male publicist. None of the gay accusations affected Liberace’s career in a negative way. His fans didn’t want to hear it. John Travolta has the same “teflon” reaction to gay scandal. Multiple men have charged him with sexual harassment and he’s taking legal action, but his fans don’t care. John’s career and popularity continue to flourish and he’s even playing John Gotti in an upcoming film. Liberace lived his life as a “bachelor waiting for the right woman” and John is a “happily married man.”

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