Nicole Kidman And Katie Holmes Don’t Talk About Scientology To Anyone – Including Each Other

The new Vanity Fair magazine article about Scientology is bound to have two famous readers – Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. Tom Cruise’s ex-wives are both unable to speak their minds about the cult but they are relieved when information is revealed. And since Vanity Fair is such a respected publication, people are taking notice. Both of them are aware they met Tom while “auditioning” for him. Nicole knows her children Connor and Bella were turned against her when she left Scientology. She was named a “suppressive person” and they avoid her company. Katie didn’t want that to happen to her, so she orchestrated her divorce so that she has more control over Suri’s life. These two women know they must remain silent about the subject of Scientology because they still fear repercussions. And they are NOT in communication with each other.

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