Exactly Who Is This “National Board Of Review” That Thinks The Irishman Is Best Film Of 2019?

The National Board of Review (whatever THAT is) just outed itself as an all-MALE organization when they named the all-male movie The Irishman as Best Film of 2019. Really? Like most people, we watched it over the Thanksgiving weekend and felt it was MUCH too long and essentially, boring. The visuals of a bygone era were delicious (the cinematographer and set decorators should be credited) but didn’t make up for the total lack of female characters and proliferation of dull men. After less than two hours we were sick of all the egotistical mobsters at any age. We never thought we’d tire of Martin Scorsese’s characters, but we’ve had enough. That “man’s world” is, fortunately, OVER.

Photo: Netflix

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