Breaking Amish: Rebecca’s Not Such A Good Girl

“Breaking Amish” continues to create problems for TLC when it comes to “reality.” TLC claimed the five young Amish people featured were inexperienced and had never left their communities. Websites are popping up online claiming that several of the cast members have not lived the Amish life for quite awhile. A photograph ofAbe and Rebecca holding a baby that appeared on his brother Andy’s Facebook page (Facebook?) has critics saying they already have a child together. And a photo of Rebecca allegedly at a pool party in 2010 after she was too modest to wear a swimsuit on the show, DOES imply fakery. Kate (the one with the DUI in Florida) had no trouble modeling a bikini on one episode. Expect more revelations as the show continues – how will TLC explain all this? The premise of the series is fascinating – too bad it wasn’t produced with more attention to detail – and truth.

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