To Guy Ritchie, It’s Still A Man’s World

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen an all-male movie made BY men FOR men, but Guy Ritchie is still promoting machismo. Of course, we were initially intrigued by The Gentlemen because of the attractive male cast and Ritchie’s amusing fast way of cutting his scenes- no wasted time. Too bad the men all had scraggly facial hair and Hugh Grant even managed to look like a worn-out Al Pacino. The plot is all about incredibly egotistical and greedy men attempting to outsmart each other. It’s funny, but reeks of testosterone. The actors have such thick cockney accents that it’s difficult to understand anything except the startling abundance of profanity. (More than we’ve ever heard in any film) Stomach churning violence abounds and when Michelle Dockery’s little used character appears, she acts just like a man. So maybe this film is your cup of tea, or maybe not…

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