New Michael Jackson Book Reveals How Friends And Relatives Bilked Him

No matter how overdosed you might be on the subject of Michael Jackson – his private life does provide an interesting book. There’s always SOMETHING you didn’t know about his strange life. The latest expose is called “Untouchable: TheStrange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson” written by Randall Sullivan. We found his relationship with his family to be just as we suspected – he avoided them like the plague and they constantly tried to make money off him. In 2001, two tribute concerts celebrating Michael’s 30th anniversary in music were planned atMadison Square Garden. Each family member demanded $250,000 to attend, even for just sitting in the audience! When Jermaine learned that Michael’s take from the shows could reach 10 million, he pushed his parents to demand another $500,000 each. Even Michael’s friendships were costly – Marlon Brando chiseled money out of Michael by charging his “friend” a million dollars for a rambling “tribute video” for the event, which the crowd booed! And you should see whatElizabeth Taylor got! No wonder Michael was so paranoid. (Above, Jackson and Brando in the good old days)

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