Ariel Winter: This Mother Doesn’t Know Best

At first we weren’t sure about who was really truthful in the Ariel Winter’s battle for emancipation from her mother. The 14 year old “Modern Family” star moved in with her 38 year old sister Shanelle and wants legal separation from her motherChrystal Workman. Immediately, her mother INFORMED POLICE that she caught her daughter in bed with her 18 year old exboyfriend Cameron Palatasand reprimanded her and THAT’s why Ariel wants her freedom. (Ariel’s coworkers don’t believe it.) Keep in mind, Ariel’s sister Shanelle had similar problems with her mother and ended up in foster care twenty years ago. The mother sniffed that Shanelle “ran off with a gang member to a crack house.” THAT’S HOW SHE TALKS ABOUT HER DAUGHTERS! Modern Family sources have leaked info that Ariel’s mother was a nightmare on the set – tormenting Ariel about her weight and looks – and they wanted to ban her from the set. We have concluded that this mother is a monster and her daughters are way better off without her.

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