Jennifer Lawrence Etc : It’s Awards Season and the Bribes Just Keep Rolling in…

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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We’ve often wondered why young actresses like Jennifer Lawrence who seem so natural in real life, choose to drape themselves in diamonds on the red carpet like much older women. It seems so out of character. It turns out jewelers likeChopard and Bulgari and Tiffany PAY these actresses a fortune to flaunt their jewels and sometimes they even get to keep the baubles! Page Six says Jennifer is being paid $100,000 by Chopard to wear their jewels to The Golden Globes. The only drawback is it limits their choice of dresses. Bulgari is supposedly spending $500,000 to bribe stars to wear their diamonds tonight at the Globes. But that’s nothing compared to the $750,000 that Tiffany & Co. paid Anne Hathaway when she HOSTED the Oscars. It’s STAGGERING, and everyone’s denying it – does that mean somebody’s dodging paying taxes on all this? (Keep in mind these young actresses are ALSO being paid to wear designer dresses and other accessories!)

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