Who’s Greedier – Michael Jackson’s Family Or Their Lawyers?

This 40 billion dollar wrongful death lawsuit the Jackson family has filed againstAEG Live (Michael’s last concert promoter) is SO wrong in so many ways. First of all, the Jackson family is already loaded with money that Michael left them – they couldn’t spend it all if they tried. Secondly, they are still obviously in denial about Michael’s massive drug problem and are desperately looking for someone else to blame. We can just imagine their greedy lawyers pushing the family to pursue this distasteful lawsuit that will run for months and cost taxpayers plenty. Hopefully the jury will see that Michael Jackson had the power, he always got what HE wanted, and he wanted his Dr Conrad Murray. The only bright side of this mess is the fact that AEG Live will dig up and reveal more appalling and juicy information about Michael’s habits.

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