Laura Prepon’s Scientology Dilemma

Laura Prepon

This article was last updated on September 11, 2023

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Laura Prepon’s Scientology Dilemma

Convicted rapist Danny Masterson’s former That 70s Show costars, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have taken a lot of heat for writing letters to the judge in hopes of getting him a lenient sentence. However, it has come to light that their fellow former costar, Laura Prepon, did not write a letter to the judge, despite being asked to do so by Danny’s people.

Laura Prepon, who used to practice Scientology along with Danny Masterson, has been speculated to have been influenced by Danny in joining the controversial cult. However, Laura eventually distanced herself from Scientology over five years ago. While this may indicate a change in her beliefs and values, she has maintained a silence on the matter.

A Fearful Silence

According to a reliable source, Laura Prepon seems to be terrified of speaking out against Scientology, similar to how Leah Remini has done. This fear is likely the reason why she has not commented on Danny’s conviction or written a letter on his behalf. The source asserts that she does not want to face the potential danger of discussing Scientology in any way, and as a result, remains silent.

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