Donald Trump’s Deportation Agenda for Prince Harry


This article was last updated on February 28, 2024

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Personalities Set to Shape Future Political Landscape

In the world of politics, the two personalities that can never be ignored are Donald Trump, the ex-President and Prince Harry, the British Royal. These two unique individuals are fascinating in their respective realms and have recently been making headlines in an unexpected turn of events.

A Clash of Titans – Donald Trump versus Prince Harry

Donald Trump, known for his unmistakable confidence and vociferous opposition to his detractors, has more often than not landed smack dab in the middle of hot water. This time around, he’s caught the attention of the media by suggesting a contentious move in an interview with a UK media outlet. His controversial claim involves directly affecting Prince Harry’s life if Trump is elected in the future.

Trump’s Bold Move

Trump, like a grand chess player contemplating his next big move, has made a shocking revelation. He plans to potentially DEPORT Prince Harry if he agrees to play the Presidential game for another term. This audacious announcement has done more than raise eyebrows; it has the world talking, speculating, and considering what this proposition could mean. The pot is undoubtedly stirring, but there’s a crucial detail Trump may have overlooked.

Prince Harry’s Aspiring American Dream

It seems that Trump may not have been paying full attention, or perhaps his sources didn’t inform him correctly. Any person versed with the intricacies of the life of Prince Harry is well aware that he has actively begun the grueling and time-consuming process of acquiring a US citizenship since mid-2023. A celebrated royal or an ordinary individual, the course to citizenship doesn’t differ.

A source with inside knowledge on the matter informs that Harry is about one-third of his journey towards finalizing his citizenship. Thus, if he achieves full citizenship, he will be permanently protected from any deportation attempts. Consequently, this could be a failed attempt from the beginning, should Trump try to finalize his bold strategy.

Trump Could Be Barking up the Wrong Tree

Assuming Prince Harry completes his citizenship process successfully, any attempt by Donald Trump or anyone else for that matter to deport a citizen will be an exercise in futility. Even if Trump returns to his Presidential seat, he might have to redraw strategies concerning Prince Harry and their continued clash.


The maverick former President Donald Trump and the charismatic Prince Harry are personalities one cannot ignore. However, it seems like Trump’s proposed deportation strategy, though making for an intriguing headline, might not bear fruit if Harry’s efforts to gain US citizenship come to fruition. Still, this situation adds another interesting storyline in the evolving drama of American and British relations in the coming years.

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