We Told Ya So! Brad Pitt Explains Jennifer Aniston Divorce

Since this website was born seven years ago, we have been telling readers thatAngelina Jolie did NOT break up Brad Pitt’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston. The truth is, Jennifer grew unhappy because Brad was a bore – he sat on the couch all day and did nothing but smoke weed. He lost his mojo. Soon they both acknowledged their lack of happiness and Jennifer asked for a divorce. Brad’s “Mr and Mrs Smith” costar Angelina was thrilled her hear about the split and gave Brad a shoulder to lean on. Brad did not take up with Angelina until his marriage was over. Jen and Brad’s friend Sheryl Crowe clarified the situation “Jennifer broke up with Brad, and NOT because of Angelina.” Brad’s recent interview backs up what we have always said. He totally blamed himself for the demise of the marriage because he became “dull,” and praised Jennifer as a “giving, loving and hilarious woman.” Brad is not a cheater.

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